New River Valley IP Law

Client Objective
New River Valley IP Law contacted ACI to discuss website expansion, search engine optimization, and dynamic display of patent data within their corporate website. The goals for the redesign included utilizing a simple, clean layout with an expanded navigation architecture. Additionally, NRV IP Law wanted to showcase patent data by displaying the number of new US patents, VA patents, and NRV patents weekly in a graphical layout. New content areas would be added to practice areas, industries, attorneys & professionals, and a representative portfolio.

ACI Vision
ACI redesigned the website by creating a professional, user-friendly template that highlighted the practice areas, experienced staff, and industries supported by New River Valley IP Law. In addition, ACI recommended Joomla as the new, web-based content management solution. This CMS allows site administrators to quickly and easily update content, images, and new pages as needed. ACI is currently working with NRV IP Law to create and showcase the patent data for US Patents, VA Patents, and SWVA Patents.