She Chooses

She Chooses™ is the social network application that taps the power of feelings to assist women in making choices. Automation Creations, Inc. became a development partner with Wasabi Enterprises and the She Chooses product in 2010.

Using the She Chooses™ algorithm-based software tool, women can identify their feelings and use this awareness to make choices in their lives. Using the She Chooses™ social network, women can share their choices, insights and experiences, learn from the choices, insights and experiences of others, and give and receive wisdom. She Chooses launched as a website in 2011, then as a mobile application in early 2012.

She Chooses is an excellent example of the project management and product fielding expertise that ACI can contribute to your next idea. The short video below illustrates a pre-beta feedback exercise conducted at ACI.

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