ACI employees stay current with the latest technology to offer the widest possible range of solutions to any business problem. Many of our employees have achieved professional certifications to assure our clients of our expertise.

Our People

Henry Bass
President, in charge of daily operations and strategic direction
Henry Bass is ACI's founder, owner, and president, since 1996. Every member of the ACI team helps run the business, but he makes the day to day business decisions, and sets the strategic direction of the company. Henry enjoys all things technical, from websites and databases to radio controlled flight and autonomous robots. His Masters in Mechanical Engineering focused on custom software extensions to 3D computer-aided design, and his MBA focused on factory automation and operations management. Henry was deployed to Iraq from 2008-2009 through the Army Reserves where he kept a blog at His wife of 26 years, Lisa, enjoys mothering ACI and their two boys, Eric and Ethan. When not at work, Henry cherishes time with his family, leads Boy Scouts, coaches FIRST Robotics Tuxedo Pandas, and serves the Virginia Tech Army ROTC. Henry also serves on the board of directors for the Roanoke Blacksburg Technology Council. He is certified in ColdFusion development and is a Certified Systems Engineering Professional. As a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, he moderates several groups for the LX Council.

Jim Wyers
CEO, assisting Henry with a focus on business development and human resources
Jim first came to ACI in May of 2005 after retiring from the US Army with almost 22 years of service. After a short time away from ACI, Jim returned to assume his primary role as CEO. His primary functions are to oversee the overall performance of ACI, and keep the company focused on our customers. He also enjoys working daily with the department directors on their short and long term projects, and provides the directors all flexibility to manage their own teams. When not at work, Jim enjoys spending most of his time with his family and all of the activities that go with having teenagers, Hannah and Nick. He serves on the New River Valley Lacrosse Board and the VTCRC IT-SIG board. Jim draws his happiness and strength from his faith, his wife of over 20 years, and his children.

Chad Bresette
Senior Developer
Chad joined ACI in January of 2012. He is a Java web developer with over 7 years of experience in web development. He has worked on projects that use various technologies such as JSF, Jquery, Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL and other varying technologies. In his spare time, he enjoys going to church, reading, playing games, learning more about programming and spending time with his family and friends.

Richard Clayton
Senior Training and Quality Assurance Specialist
Richard spent six years managing logistics and IT infrastructure in the United States Army before he segued into work as an IT contractor in 2004. He has since specialized in developing and launching software for government agencies such as the Department of the Army and Veterans Affairs. Through his career he has often worn two hats, both testing new applications to ensure they perform correctly and training personnel to ensure they get maximum benefit from those applications. With half a dozen "Go-Lives" under his belt, he is a veteran trainer and quality assurance specialist, always seeking to bridge the gap between customer expectations and product performance. He has consulted on-site in both the Pentagon and the Middle East and has provided technology briefings and training for generals and congressmen. In his spare time, Richard enjoys amateur astronomy and science fiction.

Angela Combs
Accounting Manager
Angela has been with ACI since 2007. A CPA with a background in public accounting and private industry, Angela now works full time handling ACI's finances. The remainder of her time is spent with her two children and trying to keep up with their busy schedules. She enjoys hiking, gardening, and attending her children's sporting events.

Lee Cooper
Senior Software Architect
Lee joined ACI in January of 2011. A Computer Science graduate from Virginia Tech, Lee spent over 15 years as a defense contractor in Huntsville, Alabama developing missile simulations for the Army. His role focused on graphics, image processing, and hardware-in-the loop testing. In 2007, he took a job with a CRC startup in order to move to the New River Valley with his wife and two children. Lee started doing embedded systems consultant work on ACI’s Zero3 project in 2010 and joined the company full time a year later. He has a strong background in software engineering and testing, C/C+, Python, and Java. When he is not driving to track meets and soccer games, Lee might be found enjoying the southwest Virginia mountains.

Laureen Fleming
Director of Commercial Services
Laureen joined ACI in 1997 as a website designer and now manages the Commercial Services division. Her primary roles include business development, proposal preparation, client liaison, and project management. These roles allow Laureen to work closely with the talented and hardworking ACI employees as well as all our clients. When not at work, Laureen enjoys spending time with her two children and family friends. Her other interests include swimming, reading, cooking, and watching football. The entire family loves to watch college football and root for the Hokies.

Ashley Hall
Software QA Engineer
Ashley joined ACI in 2011. Ashley coordinates and plans daily operations for site redesign projects, assists with application testing, site maintenance, and order fulfillment. Before joining ACI, Ashley worked in the federal sector as a technology analyst. In this role, Ashley defined and improved processes, while playing a key role in change management and problem management. Ashley has also worked as a research analyst, supporting strategic planning initiatives. She enjoys spending time with family, hiking, kayaking, crafts, cooking, and reading.

Ed Harvey
Senior Graphic Designer
Ed has been at ACI since June 2005. He has over 20 years professional experience in the graphic design field, keeping his skills current. Ed works in a variety of programs and languages, including Flash / ActionScript, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Fireworks, Maya, HTML5 / CSS, Joomla, Wordpress, and Ensemble. Outside of work, Ed enjoys following college and professional sports, working on home improvement projects, and spending time with his wife and two young children.

Pierce Meikle

Pierce joined ACI in February 2014 and is a computer science graduate of Radford University. He has a passion for computing both in and out of the office. As technology continues to evolve and improve there will always be more to learn. With everyday bringing new challenges he feels that software development is always going to be a challenging and rewarding experience. He also likes to remain as active as possible and can often be found at Crossfit Blacksburg or hiking with his dog.

Richard Morgan
Network Administrator
Richard started with ACI in March of 2012. Richard has an extensive background in network administration and support. His experience includes a diverse range of technologies including Unix and Windows Servers, Active Directory, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Cisco networking, Microsoft Lync, and virtual infrastructure installation and maintenance.

Rusty Riley
Senior Web Developer
Rusty has been with ACI since 1999. Wanting to remain in the NRV after graduating from Virginia Tech, Rusty was fortunate to have the opportunity to do U.S. Army contract work for ACI. The focus there shifted from classic ASP to ColdFusion, which he has worked with for over 11 years. Since then, his projects include ACI Portal, Ames Textile Corporation, and Zero3. Rusty now lives and works in North County San Diego.

Rick Rose
Software Engineer
Rick joined ACI in 2003 with a brief hiatus between 2005 and 2008. A husband, father, and self-proclaimed geek, Rick is an avid reader of material dealing with technology, mathematics, and philosophy. He is fascinated by Albert Einstein, thrives on friendly competition, is an admirer of history and the military, and enjoys the outdoors. He often listens to classic country, eighties hard rock, or stand-up comedy while coding. His work spans both public and private sectors with a diverse software engineering background. Adept in both Java and .NET and knowledgeable with several other languages, Rick’s professional interests include data mining, game theory, and user experience.

Kevin Sharp
Mid-level Developer
Kevin joined ACI in May 2013 and is a computer science graduate of Virginia Tech. He has 8 years experience performing dual roles as a software developer and build engineer with limited experience as a Solaris system administrator. He is experienced developing in C and Java on Windows and Solaris for JBoss, WebLogic, and WebSphere application servers using Oracle and MSSQL databases. As a build engineer he is experienced in Ant scripting, command line scripting, Microsoft InstallShield, and deploying on and troubleshooting the previously mentioned application servers. Kevin is passionate about music and enjoys returning to Lane Stadium for the annual Marching Virginian Alumni halftime show to play the Hokie Pokie again on his trombone. He also enjoys playing old timey mountain music on his banjo. When not playing music, he enjoys hiking on the Appalachian Trail, euro games, and video games.

Mike Yopp
Network Engineer
Michael joined ACI in the Fall of 2011 as a network engineer and is currently enrolled at New River Community College with aspirations of becoming a web developer. He has spent the last 4 years working as a computer technician. Mike ensures the continual up time of our networking equipment and troubleshoots clients’ hardware and software remotely or on site. He has a love for all things in the technology field, and in his free time, he enjoys science fiction movies, board games with friends, and Geocaching.